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Get your own, white-labelled Online Exam portal, usable on any device by your Students, Staff & Admin

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All Question Types

MCQs (Single & Multi-correct), Numerical Qs (Integer, Decimal, Calculator), Subjective Qs (Upload Images of hand-written responses or Type responses)

Capacity & Concurrency

EZexam is a cloud-based system, can support any number of Users at the same time and create any number of Student Accounts

Top Institutes

Vidyalankar Classes & Resonance use EZexam. 750,000 Exams taken - 770,000 Questions added - 150,000 Student Accounts created in the last 3 years


Your own Customized Portal & WebApp

Your white-labeled web portal is created at with your Logos and Colors where your Students & Staff have user accounts. Can add your own Exam Types, Centres & Classes and assign Students to them. Faculty can be assigned to Students to monitor them.

Customized WebApps can be installed from your portal on Mobile devices, and they are also white-labeled with your Name, Logo & Colors. These WebApps function as fully native applications and run in full screen mode to reduce distractions during exams.

Your EZexam portal can even be hosted on your own web domain, contact us for more details

"Get your own custom web portal to conduct exams & manage students"

Multi-Device & Slow Internet Support built-in

Exams can be taken on Any Device, PC/Laptop, Android & iOS Smartphones, Tablets. On Mobile devices, a WebApp is automatically created, and exams are taken through it. WebApp is customized with your Logo & Colors and is downloadable from your portal.

EZexam is built to be extremely tolerant to Bad Internet. Essentially, Students need to ensure they have a connection when starting the Exam & when Submitting the exam, EZexam takes care of the rest!

"Use any device to take exams, even with slow internet connection speeds"


High Security Proctored Exams Supported

Multiple security features are available like Webcam support, Facial detection, Window Switch detection, and all of these are used to generate a "Trust Score" for every student.

Admins can use "Trust Score" as an indicator and take necessary actions based on this. Regular photographs are taken using the Student's webcam and Admins can monitor this or see all captured photos after the exam for any suspicious case.

"Take secure exams, with multiple AI cheat detection systems built-in"

Questions Appear in Exam Exactly like in Question Paper

Even if the Question has complex Math or Images or Tables or anything for that matter, as EZexam uses an innovative & simple process to store questions for Online Exams.

No Retyping of questions required! Existing Word files or PDFs of question papers can be used

"Perfect Question Accuracy using an Innovative and Easy process of adding questions"


And Many more Innovative Features

EZexam makes it easy to create & conduct Online Exams with many more innovative features


In-Depth Analytics

Multi-page granular analytics provided for Students and Admins with deep information on each exam taken

Data Confidentiality

EZexam follows the highest level of data confidentiality with clients. Any data added to the system is only visible to you.

Standard Layout

Online Exam layout is based on the NTA interface, making it familiar for students when taking the real exam

App Notifications

Notifications are sent to students before the exam begins and also if they haven't taken the exam and the window is closing

Watch Our Exam Demo

See how students would take online exams on the EZexam platform in this 2 min YouTube video

Experience the Improvement

750,000 Exams taken - 150,000 Student Accounts - 770,000 Questions added
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