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Trusted by top Educational Institutes

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For the last 2 years, EzExam has provided us a reliable and easy to use offline and online examination system for over 15,000 of our students. They have also customized it as per our needs with great tech support.

Head of Operations

Vidyalankar Classes
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For over a year, our Delhi Public School DPS students have enjoyed using EzExam's online examination system for their weekly tests along with the detailed analytics provided to improve learning and track their performance over time


IRA Education
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Our exams went smoothly after we switched to EzExam's Online Examination System and students could easily given exams on any device. Students could immediately receive scores and analytics which improved their learning.


Urbane College
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EzExam's online examination system made it very easy and accurate for us to conduct regular online exams for our students on any device of their choosing, with hundreds of students taking exams simultaneously.


Resonance Hyderabad
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EzExam is built for

All Eductational Institutes and Corporates

Coaching Classes

Coaching classes conducting weekly tests for students preparing for competetive exams like JEE, NEET, CET etc.,


Corporates conducting screening exams for job applications can easily conduct online exams and immediately receive results & analytics


High schools conducting regular MCQ evaluations with an option for a proctored exam environment


Colleges & Universities conducting MCQ or Numeric evaluations with an optional proctored exam environment

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How EzExam Works

Typical Workflow for conducting online exams

Get your Portal

Your own customized EzExam portal at with your logo and colors, where your Admins and test-takers will login

Conduct Online Exams

Schedule exams and monitor them in realtime to see how many and who is taking the exam with various other metrics

Add your Content

Easily add and edit Question Papers, create Online Exams, optionally create test-taker accounts to faciliate conducting online exams

View Results & Analytics

After exam window is closed, scores and analytics for all test-takers are visible to the Admin & test-takers


Key Features

Use Any Device

Exams can be taken on all devices; desktops, laptops, phones & tablets, just internet is required

All Question Types

Question Support for MCQ (3 4 5 or 6 options), Numeric (Integer, Decimal & Fractional input) & Calculator

Unlimited Capacity

Any number of users can take Online Exams simultaneously, 1,00,000+ Exams already taken

Your Brand

Get custom platform with your branding at with your logo & colors

In-Depth Analytics

Multi-page Analytics giving Subject-wise, Topic-wise & Time-wise detailed analytics

Simple Import

Question Papers in MS-Word are easily, quickly & accurately converted into Online Exams


Free to Use!

No Setup Fee - No Monthly Fee - No Service Fee

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Frequently Ask Questions

What is EzExam?

EzExam (Easy-Exam) is the best online examination software for conducting exams with MCQ and Numerical questions.
EzExam is used by some of the top Educational Institutes in India and over 1,00,000 exams have already been taken on it.
Exams can be taken on any device and it has a simple, fast and an accurate system to import question papers to convert into online exams.

EzExam is a Free Online Examination Software if you need upto 500 exam attempts per month.
There is no setup fee, no monthly fee, no user fee, it has a simple, direct usage based pricing model. One user, taking one online exam is counted as one Attempt. If the overall usage exceeds 500 attempts per month, you can purchase attempts as per your requirement which don't expire and there are no other additional costs. Every 30 days, if the available attempts are less than 500, they're topped up to 500.
If you would like to have unlimited usage contact us on +91 91 0001 8780

EzExam provides you your own online exam portal at
The online exam portal will also be customized with your Brand or Logo and your color scheme for free.
Your own custom Apps can also be created for test-takers on Android or iOS mobile platforms.
Admins will login to this portal using their phone numbers and conduct a test; and Students/Users will login to this portal to take tests and view results/analytics.

EzExam Online Examination Software is cloud based, available at your own online exam portal at, so just a web-browser is required to create online exams.
For users taking Online Exams on mobiles/tabs, an online test taking App is available. You can also get your own branded Android/iOS online test taking App. EzExam online exam software demo is available when you Signup, along with an online test app.

EzExam is cloud-based and built from the ground-up to be scalable, which makes it handle any number of simultaneous test-takers and you can smoothly conduct a test for 10 students or 10,000 students or even have multiple tests running at the same time. Only need to ensure sufficient attempts are available for test-takers.

Your free online exam software portal at will have a free online test creator & student management tool for Admin accounts (which you will use) & Student/User accounts will have the Online Examination System and the Exam Analytics System.
The test-takers will also have access to Mobile Apps to take online exams on their phones & tablets.
The free online test creator takes question papers and assigns them to students who can take the test in a preset time window. EzExam online exam software demo is available when you Signup, along with an online test app.

Your EzExam online test portal has a free online test maker which makes it very easy to conduct an online exam from your existing Question Papers in MS Word or PDF formats. The free online test maker also has a feature to easily select students who are going to take the exam or make the exam public and shareable via a link. This makes EzExam the answer for how to conduct online tests

Your EzExam online test portal has a free online test maker. To conduct an exam using the free online exam system, first a question paper is uploaded.
Then an online exam is created by giving it a name, selecting the question paper, and selecting the date and time window when it will be available.
After that students/users can be selected who would take the online exam, and the online exam will be automatically visible to them.
The Online Exam can also be made public, where a link will be generated and you can share the link with anyone who you want to take the online exam. This process makes it very simple to conduct an online exam

Test-takers can be added to your EzExam portal from an excel file and they can login with their pre-assigned roll numbers. This is not mandatory though and exams can be public, which means that a link will be generated and anyone with that link can take the exam. When an exam is made public, test-takers need not be pre-selected to be able to take the exam. The link can be shared by you on a public forum and clicking the link will be sufficient to take the exam after a phone number validation.

The Online Examination System provides features to view in real time - user responses, Geo-Location, IP Address, Device-Type and even optional video stream to prevent copying during the exam. The Online Exam System is also designed such that constant internet connection isn't mandatory, it's only required when starting the exam and when submitting.
On your online test portal, you can also see the responses per online exam which makes it very simple to conduct an exam and monitor it.

Yes, the free online examination software also includes in-depth Analytics for Students/Users and Admins. The analytics are detailed, even giving time and question-wise analytics. An online exam system demo is available when you Signup and get your online test portal at, along with an online test app which makes it very simple to conduct an exam.

EzExam online examination system uses an innovative online test software which displays questions exactly as they're present in the question paper, without having to retype it or use special code.
The question can include complex math, chemical formulae, images, or all of the above at once and it will be shown to the test-taker exactly like in the question paper.
Responses can be Multiple-Choice with 3 4 5 or 6 options and also numeric with decimal and fractional inputs are supported by the online test software.

MCQ exams can be conducted on OMRs using EzOMR, click here to learn more.
Consolidated analytics are provided for both online test software & offline exams and are available on your online test portal at
An online exam system demo is available when you Signup and get your online test portal at

EzExam online examination system provides tech support for the online test software via call or WhatsApp 7 days a week between 9AM-7PM at +91 91 0001 8780

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