In-depth, Integrated Exam Analytics

Detailed performance analytics visible to Students & Staff to track progress and take corrective measures

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Included in your Platform

Analytics & Reports are included when you create your custom Exam platform at your‑

Online & OMR Exam Analytics

Both Online & OMR exams' analytics can be viewed by Students at the same location

4-page Analytics per Exam

Very detailed exam analytics with overall percentiles, ranks, scores, times etc., are provided


Performance History

Percentile line graphs of Exams (Online & Offline) taken over time by the Student are shown.

Given for Overall Score and for all Subjects in the exams taken.

Makes it easy to see if Students are improving or not, per subject and take corrective actions.

Exam analytics can optionally be hidden for Students. Admins can always see any Student's performance.

"See performance trends - overall and subject-wise"

Subject Analytics

Subject-wise Scores, Accuracy, Ranks and Times are provided for each exam. Scores are also compared with Average, Topper & Max Score.

Accuracy pie-chart shows how many questions were Correct, Incorrect or Not-Attempted.

"Analyse each Subject to see weaknesses and target improvement"


Topic Analytics

Topic-wise accuracy, further split by difficulty, is provided for each exam.

Each Subject is comprised of multiple topics which are assigned in the Exam Key file.

This data is used to generate Accuracy data which the Student can use to pin-point topics to focus on more.

"Analyse each Topic to see weak areas and target improvement"

Question Analytics

Time spent per question is shown along with Solutions to the question.

This helps Students pin-point responses which were incorrect or which took a long time to answer and learn from them.

Average Percentage Accuracy of each question is also provided to see how the rest of the students did.

"Analyse the Exam per question and learn from Solutions to ones which were incorrect"


And Many more Innovative Features

EZexam gives a comprehensive oversight to Exam Performance with increasing depth to the Analytics on each page


Centre-level Ranks

Along with overall Ranks, Centre-level ranks are also provided per exam, so Students know where they stand

Hidden Option

Analytics for selected exams can be hidden from Students, useful in case of Olympiads or Talent Searches

Corrected OMRs

Corrected OMRs are provided in the Exam analytics so Students can see their exact markings and errors

Full Solutions

Entire Question Paper with Solutions are visible for all Online Exams helping students to learn directly

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