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What is EzExam

EzExam (Easy-Exam) is an innovative system providing instant OMR exam results to Students & Institute using an App & your Custom Website

Your Custom Website is used to Add Exam Keys & view submitted Scores and Analytics

EzExam App lets Students/Examiners instantly scan, correct & send OMR results to your Custom Website

EzExam works with your own OMRs and Android phones. No expensive scanners required!

How EzExam Works

Set Exam Key on your site

....it's auto-sent to App

OMRs corrected on App

....auto-sent to your site

View Scores & Analytics

....for Staff & Students on your site

Benefits of using EzExam

Cost Cutting

No need to use scanners anymore, saves lots of money & time & energy

Effective Exams

....as students can get results immediately & exams have more impact

Value addition

....by using a new & innovative system which is superior to existing ones

Easy to Use

Use your own OMRs and give scores in classroom. Easy to use Android App


Attractive Introductory Offer available. Contact Us for details.

100% Accuracy

....in OMR correction. App doesn't need constant internet connection

About us

We are a group of IIT Bombay Computer Science and IIM Ahmedabad alumni with work experience in the US, Germany, Switzerland and India. We founded EzExam Technologies LLP, of which EzExam is a product, in 2018 and we currently serve over 10,000 students across India. We persevere to provide innovative state-of-the-art technologies to Indian institutions.

Swaroop Roy
Managing Director
Computer Science, IIT Bombay
Informatik, TU Munich, Germany

Our Motto

We emphatically believe we can greatly improve the way paper-based MCQ Exams are processed and accessed, to simplify the heavy-duty post-exam work for Institutions. Also improve the learning experience for Students while making it effective and dramatically improving their performance.

Phani Kumar
Managing Director
Computer Science, IIT Bombay
MBA, IIM Ahmedabad

EzExam Interface

Below are screenshots from the Website & App interface.

EzExam is FREE to use

Tailor-made Advanced Options are also available

Over 10,000 students already use EzExam

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You can also email us at support(at)ezexam.in