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For the last 2 years, EzExam has provided us a reliable and easy to use offline and online examination system for over 15,000 of our students. They have also customized it as per our needs with great tech support.

Head of Operations

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For over a year, our Delhi Public School DPS students have enjoyed using EzExam's online examination system for their weekly tests along with the detailed analytics provided to improve learning and track their performance over time


IRA Education
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Our exams went smoothly after we switched to EzExam's Online Examination System and students could easily given exams on any device. Students could immediately receive scores and analytics which improved their learning.


Urbane College
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EzExam's online examination system made it very easy and accurate for us to conduct regular online exams for our students on any device of their choosing, with hundreds of students taking exams simultaneously.


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EzExam is built for

All Eductational Institutes and Corporates

Coaching Classes

Coaching classes conducting weekly tests for students preparing for competetive exams like JEE, NEET, CET etc.,


Corporates conducting screening exams for job applications can easily conduct online exams and immediately receive results & analytics


High schools conducting regular MCQ evaluations with an option for a proctored exam environment


Colleges & Universities conducting MCQ or Numeric evaluations with an optional proctored exam environment

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How EzExam Works

Typical Workflow for conducting online exams

Get your Portal

Your own customized EzExam portal at with your logo and colors, where your Admins and test-takers will login

Conduct Online Exams

Schedule exams and monitor them in realtime to see how many and who is taking the exam with various other metrics

Add your Content

Easily add and edit Question Papers, create Online Exams, optionally create test-taker accounts to faciliate conducting online exams

View Results & Analytics

After exam window is closed, scores and analytics for all test-takers are visible to the Admin & test-takers


Key Features

Use Any Device

Exams can be taken on all devices; desktops, laptops, phones & tablets, just internet is required

All Question Types

Question Support for MCQ (3 4 5 or 6 options), Numeric (Integer, Decimal & Fractional input) & Calculator

Unlimited Capacity

Any number of users can take Online Exams simultaneously, 1,00,000+ Exams already taken

Your Brand

Get custom platform with your branding at with your logo & colors

In-Depth Analytics

Multi-page Analytics giving Subject-wise, Topic-wise & Time-wise detailed analytics

Simple Import

Question Papers in MS-Word are easily, quickly & accurately converted into Online Exams


EZexam is a Free Platform


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Why is EzExam Free?

Frequently Ask Questions

We at EzExam believe that Examination Systems should be a free commodity and that cost should not be a hindrance to high quality learning tools in a fast growing and developing country like India.

We want to become the most widely used Examination Platform in India and do our tiny bit in enabling institutes to provide better testing and learning via our tools while being free to use.

So EzExam will always be free for the Institutes and Students and most importantly, without any limits on the number of Students and the Exams they could take.

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We take data privacy very seriously and rest assured, your data, be it your content or student data, is not shared in any manner by EzExam.
Institute or Student data is not monetized by us and it is not part of our business model.

Your data is yours and only you have access to it, no one else can view it in whole or parts.
We even sign NDAs (Non-Disclosure Agreements) with Institutes or Organizations if they so choose.

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What is a Student Account?

Students or Test-takers can login to the Online Exams platform with their pre-assigned roll numbers or phone numbers. They can also signup with their phone numbers, which creates their account. It’s usually accessed on the institute’s domain, like EzExam is the free test maker online.

It is an online account on their institute’s platform where they can take online exams, view analytics of completed exams and other features like notice board, pdf notes, video sharing etc.,

It can be created by Students (by signing up with their phone numbers) or by the Admin, after which students can login with their phone number. EzExam is the free test maker online.

Roll numbers are auto assigned when students signup with their phone numbers. An OTP is generated to verify the phone number and after verification, a Student account is created.

The Student account is used to take online exams, view scores & analytics and other LMS features like PDF notes & Institute Notices. EzExam is the free test maker online.

Other custom features are also available based on the requirements of the Institute admin.

The platform can be accessed on all devices - Desktops, Laptops, Smart phones & Tablets. On Desktops & Laptops, the platform can be accessed (by both Students & Admins) in the Chrome Web browser. For mobiles and tablets, EzExam App is available to take online exams, view analytics and everything else. It is the free test maker online. Admins use the online test maker, and students take the exam on their devices. Admin can also create free test online.

Students can also switch devices while giving an exam and the exam will seamlessly continue on the new device. Similarly they can be logged in to the same account on multiple devices.

Yes students have a provision to change their passwords at any time, either before logging in through an OTP or from within the platform. EzExam is the free test maker online.

When Admins add students in bulk via a CSV file, the passwords of the newly created student accounts are equal to their respective roll numbers.

Yes students can be added via an Excel file by which their student accounts are created. Note that a Roll Number is required for every student and by default, their passwords are their roll numbers when accounts are created. These students are selected in the online test maker, along with question papers, to take online exams. Admins can also create free test online.

Students have a Roll Number, which is a constant. Students belong to a combination of Class, Centre & one or more Groups. Email & Phone numbers can also be added, and are useful to recover forgotten passwords, but not mandatory to add. The online test creator uses these fields to assign online exams. Admins get the online test creator free.

Admins can edit these fields at any time as required. To edit students in bulk, Admins can add a CSV file with updated values for various fields and the student accounts will be updated.

Class or Standard is a number showing the standard of the student, for example 11 indicates, 11th Standard. It can also refer to a batch year like 2021 Batch. Centre refers to the location of the student, it can hold a Centre name & City name, for example “Hauz-Khas, New Delhi” Group or branch can be any descriptor to group students, for example IIT, NEET, CET, Olympiad etc., The online test maker also uses these three fields to select students and create online exams. Admins get the online test creator free. These fields are required to add a student, but can be changed later at any time as mentioned in the previous point.

Admins can edit all the above mentioned fields by clicking on the student’s name in the Students table. A student account can be disabled by the Admin anytime, preventing the student from logging in to the account. Admins also have access to the online exam maker. This online exam maker chooses Students and a question paper to create Online Exams for students.

For security reasons, student accounts can be disabled but not deleted. Reason being deleting a student also deletes all associated student analytics data.

In the Free Plan & the Usage-based Plan, there is no limit to the number of Students that can be added to the platform. In the Fixed Plan, the number of Student accounts is pre-decided and the institute pays for those many student accounts. Admins use the online test generator to create online tests. This online test generator links to the question bank to automatically create exams for the assigned students.

No, the students never have to pay anything, irrespective of the Pricing Plan followed by the institute. Admins also don’t pay anything in the Free plan for the online exam builder & other features. The online exam builder is free to use for unlimited exams and students in the Free plan.

Yes, they can create online exam and go to the student’s page and check if it’s accessible to the student. It’s important for Admins to create online exam and check start and end dates, times to see if it’s visible in the Student account.

Admins can also see student performance along with all exam analytics at any time.

No, only the Admins can access the online exam creator and students do not have access to it. The online exam conducting software is managed by the institute admins and students cannot change any data apart from their own names and passwords.

If a student wants to change their phone number, a message can be sent to the Admin who can update it on their behalf. Student roll numbers cannot be changed, either by admins or students.

EzExam provides a free online exam creator which takes a question paper and assigns it to a group of students, accessible at a certain time interval. After this interval is done, analytics are generated with scores, ranks, percentiles and much more. There is no usage limit for this free online exam creator and unlimited number of exams can be created.

Institute admins can create a free EzExam account at . Then admins can use the test builder to create online exam free.

Once the account is created after signup, there are many resources available in the Help Section, along with videos to help Admins create Online Exams and add question papers.

EzExam is the only online test conducting software providing truly free and unlimited usage for it’s online exam platform. This online exam conducting software also includes a free online test generator. A question bank is used by the free online test generator to automatically create question papers based on your requirements of number of questions, duration, subjects etc.,

EzExam is already being used for many years by Educational institutes with thousands of students and it has a reliable track record for providing excellent service to tens of thousands of students

Everytime a question paper is added to the system, the individual questions are automatically added into a question database also called a question bank. This question bank gives the admins & faculty members access to all the questions added to the portal. These questions can be listed by Subject, Topic, Difficulty, Exam-Type and their combinations. Various other data is also stored, like the number of times a question was used in various online exams and their details.

This is relevant, for example, when you don’t want to reuse the same question which was used most recently in an online exam. Once the questions are listed, they can be picked manually to create a new question paper, after a Name and duration is assigned. The obvious advantage of this is that question papers need not be constantly added to a system, instead the same questions and various combinations of them can be reused as per the requirement. Note that for this to be effective, tagging questions by Subject, Topic and Difficulty is recommended but not mandatory.

This feature, to assign every student a different set of questions from a limited question pool is currently under development and will be ready to use in a few weeks time. In this case it is mandatory for questions to be tagged with Topic and Difficulty so that all students’ exams have roughly the same difficulty level and range of topics.

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