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For the last 2 years, EZexam has provided us a reliable and easy to use offline and online examination system for over 15,000 of our students. They have also customized it as per our needs with great tech support.

Head of Operations

Vidyalankar Classes
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For over a year, our Delhi Public School DPS students have enjoyed using EZexam's online examination system for their weekly tests along with the detailed analytics provided to improve learning and track their performance over time


IRA Education
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Our exams went smoothly after we switched to EZexam's Online Examination System and students could easily given exams on any device. Students could immediately receive scores and analytics which improved their learning.


Urbane College
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EZexam's online examination system made it very easy and accurate for us to conduct regular online exams for our students on any device of their choosing, with hundreds of students taking exams simultaneously.


Resonance Hyderabad
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EZexam is built for

All Eductational Institutes and Corporates

Coaching Classes

Coaching classes conducting weekly tests for students preparing for competetive exams like JEE, NEET, CET etc.,


Corporates conducting screening exams for job applications can easily conduct online exams and immediately receive results & analytics


High schools conducting regular MCQ evaluations with an option for a proctored exam environment


Colleges & Universities conducting MCQ or Numeric evaluations with an optional proctored exam environment

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How EZexam Works

Typical Workflow for conducting online exams

Get your Portal

Your own customized EZexam portal at with your logo and colors, where your Admins and test-takers will login

Conduct Online Exams

Schedule exams and monitor them in realtime to see how many and who is taking the exam with various other metrics

Add your Content

Easily add and edit Question Papers, create Online Exams, optionally create test-taker accounts to faciliate conducting online exams

View Results & Analytics

After exam window is closed, scores and analytics for all test-takers are visible to the Admin & test-takers


Key Features

Use Any Device

Exams can be taken on all devices; desktops, laptops, phones & tablets, just internet is required

All Question Types

Question Support for MCQ (3 4 5 or 6 options), Numeric (Integer, Decimal & Fractional input) & Calculator

Unlimited Capacity

Any number of users can take Online Exams simultaneously, 750,000+ Exams already taken

Your Brand

Get custom platform with your branding at with your logo & colors

In-Depth Analytics

Multi-page Analytics giving Subject-wise, Topic-wise & Time-wise detailed analytics

Simple Import

Question Papers in MS-Word are easily, quickly & accurately converted into Online Exams


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How is EZexam Free?

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Question Paper?

In the EZexam Online Examination Software, a Question Paper is combination of a PDF with questions (1 Question per Page along with MCQ options) and a Key File with information about the questions (like answer key, marking scheme, subject, topic etc.,). Solutions PDF and Instructions PDF are optional in the Online Examination Software.

Solutions can be provided in PDF form, they are shown to the student after the online exam when analytics are generated. So the questions with solutions are available for students to improve their learning. The Instructions PDF is shown to the students before the exam begins to give any information or instructions specific to the current Online Exam. This must be a single page PDF which is uploaded when creating a Question Paper.

To create Online Exams from them, EZexam Online Examination Software requires Question Papers to be added. A Question Paper contains questions, Online Exam contains time details & student details.

It is very similar to a written exam, which has a question paper. When adding a question paper, a PDF with 1 question per page is needed along with a Key file which is in CSV format. This key file contains information about the key, markings, subjects and sections for each question.

It is so that multiple Online Exams can be created from the same Question Paper at different times for different students if and when required.

It keeps the interface clean when creating Online Exams and also enables a Question bank where all the questions are collated to be selected for a new question paper.

There is no limit to the number of Question Papers that can be added to EZexam as it is a Free Online Exam Software. EZexam is the best online assessment software as it has all exam features totally free, without adding any restrictions to the amount of usage.

The question papers can also have any number of questions, from 1 to 200, which supports all exam formats with single correct, multiple correct, integer type, numerical type, fractional and even subjective questions can be added.

100 Attempts per Month are FREE, where one Student taking one Exam is one Attempt.

If more capacity is required, can Add more Attempts or have Unlimited Attempts for a certain number of Students. Please Create your Account for more Pricing details.

We want to do our bit in enabling institutes to provide better testing and learning via our tools while providing it for free to start up, with 100 Attempts per Month for FREE.

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We take data privacy very seriously and rest assured, your data, be it your content or student data, is not shared in any manner by EZexam unless you have created Public/Open Exams.
Institute or Student data is not monetized by us and it is not part of our business model.

Your data is yours and only you have access to it, no one else can view it in whole or parts, unless you choose to share it.
We even sign NDAs (Non-Disclosure Agreements) with Institutes or Organizations if they so choose.

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EZexam is a general online assessment software but it can also be used as an Online Mock Test Software as the interface is tailor made to emulate these exams based on the National Testing Agency interface. Questions with chemical formulae, mathematical equations and physical & biological images are easily supported in this free online exam software with 100 Attempts per month Free

Many other competitive exams are supported like GRE, GATE and banking exams. Due to the vast range of question types supported by EZexam, any type or pattern of competitive exams can be conducted with it making it very versatile. Even written exams can be conducted with it, where students can upload pictures of their responses and faculty or admins can evaluate them later.

Yes a Solutions PDF with 1 Solution per Page can be added along with the Question Paper in this Online examination software. Students will be able to see solutions with Exam Analytics to improve their learning in this free online exam software.

Yes, everytime a Question Paper is added, the individual questions are automatically added to a Question Bank in this free online exam software. From this Question Bank, questions can be selected to create new Question Papers in the online examination software. EZexam is a free testing software and there’s no limit to the number of questions you can add to your platform

Questions can be filtered by Subject, Topic & Exam Type and can be added to create a new Question paper. A question paper name and exam duration is also assigned when creating it.

Yes, question paper duration, Name, Type and questions can be changed after creating the question paper in this free online exam software with 100 Attempts per month. Solutions and Instructions can be added later, only the Questions PDF and Key CSV file are required when creating the Question Paper.

So after an online exam is conducted, if a question’s key is found to be incorrect or a question needs to be cancelled, this can be edited. Note that analytics need to be regenerated to update scores based on the edited key.

The questions are stored as PDF images so that no matter the complexity of the question, it will appear exactly the same as in your Question Paper. The question can have literally anything in it, text, images, formulae, chemical equations, it will not change when students see it in the exam, irrespective of the device used for the computer based exam software.

As long as the question is legible in the PDF, it will always be shown correctly to the student. Admins can also see the questions and scroll through them by clicking on the question paper in the Admin page. So no matter the complexity of the question, it will show exactly like in the PDF and no special encoding is required.

EZexam supports MCQ questions with single or multiple correct options and with 4, 5 or 6 options (ABCD, ABCDE, ABCDEF). The online test software also supports Numerical questions with decimal, integer and fractional types. Support is also available for Subjective questions which will be evaluated later by faculty.

There are two types of subjective questions. The first is where a text-box is available to record student responses. The second type of subjective questions is where students can upload pictures of their responses, written on paper. In both of these subjective types, the student responses are evaluated manually by a faculty or admin after the exam is completed.

Along with the Answer Key for each question, the following can be added in the Key Excel file: marking scheme (correct, incorrect, partial marks), subject, topic, difficulty and question type (ABCD, Multiple-correct, Numerical, Subjective etc.,)

All of these can be edited and a question can also be ‘cancelled’, giving full marks to the student irrespective of their response to that question. This feature is used when a question is fundamentally incorrect and the student needs to be compensated for it with bonus marks.

Questions can be edited after adding to the system and all details can be changed like Answer Key, Marking, Subject, Topic, Difficulty, Question Type, Section Name. The Question and Solutions can also be changed by adding 1-Page PDFs to replace the existing ones.

EZexam is a free online test software with 100 Attempts per month, where the only software required is a browser and an internet connection and it can be used on any device. The online exam software price is essentially zero for you for upto 100 Exam Attempts per month, and you only pay if you need more capacity. Hence we believe EZexam is the best online exam software. There is no need to separately download online exam software to use it. For students, there is an EZexam app online which on Android is online exam software free download.

In the EZexam app, students select their institute name from a drop-down after typing in the first few letters. After this, they are taken to their institute’s login page, where they can log-in with their phone numbers or roll numbers and passwords. Not needing to download any additional software, being completely cloud based and also being free to use make EZexam the best online exam software.

EZexam online exam software demo is available by signing up for an admin account and then there are guides and videos which can help you add your first question paper and then create an online exam from it.

The Videos in the Help section go through all the steps to create Question Papers from your existing Word files and the Key file required for it. There is also a chat system available where you can get real-time instant support from one of our experts to help you add your question papers.

Yes support is being added for pairing questions with short audio clips which can supplement the question. The question itself can have any text or images in it and the accompanying audio file can further help understand or supplement the question. This feature can also be used to evaluate the language listening potential of students and can be used for language tests also. Features like this and many more make EZexam the best online exam software available in the market covering a wide range of use cases for all types of Organizations.

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