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For the last 2 years, EzExam has provided us a reliable and easy to use offline and online examination system for over 15,000 of our students. They have also customized it as per our needs with great tech support.

Head of Operations

Vidyalankar Classes
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For over a year, our Delhi Public School DPS students have enjoyed using EzExam's online examination system for their weekly tests along with the detailed analytics provided to improve learning and track their performance over time


IRA Education
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Our exams went smoothly after we switched to EzExam's Online Examination System and students could easily given exams on any device. Students could immediately receive scores and analytics which improved their learning.


Urbane College
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EzExam's online examination system made it very easy and accurate for us to conduct regular online exams for our students on any device of their choosing, with hundreds of students taking exams simultaneously.


Resonance Hyderabad
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EzExam is built for

All Eductational Institutes and Corporates

Coaching Classes

Coaching classes conducting weekly tests for students preparing for competetive exams like JEE, NEET, CET etc.,


Corporates conducting screening exams for job applications can easily conduct online exams and immediately receive results & analytics


High schools conducting regular MCQ evaluations with an option for a proctored exam environment


Colleges & Universities conducting MCQ or Numeric evaluations with an optional proctored exam environment

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How EzExam Works

Typical Workflow for conducting online exams

Get your Portal

Your own customized EzExam portal at with your logo and colors, where your Admins and test-takers will login

Conduct Online Exams

Schedule exams and monitor them in realtime to see how many and who is taking the exam with various other metrics

Add your Content

Easily add and edit Question Papers, create Online Exams, optionally create test-taker accounts to faciliate conducting online exams

View Results & Analytics

After exam window is closed, scores and analytics for all test-takers are visible to the Admin & test-takers


Key Features

Use Any Device

Exams can be taken on all devices; desktops, laptops, phones & tablets, just internet is required

All Question Types

Question Support for MCQ (3 4 5 or 6 options), Numeric (Integer, Decimal & Fractional input) & Calculator

Unlimited Capacity

Any number of users can take Online Exams simultaneously, 1,00,000+ Exams already taken

Your Brand

Get custom platform with your branding at with your logo & colors

In-Depth Analytics

Multi-page Analytics giving Subject-wise, Topic-wise & Time-wise detailed analytics

Simple Import

Question Papers in MS-Word are easily, quickly & accurately converted into Online Exams

EzExam is a FREE Service

Free to Use!

Unlimited Use - No Monthly Fee - No Service Fee

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Why is EzExam Free?

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I create my own online exam portal?

Yes when signing up, you can create your own free online exam portal. After entering your institute’s name, your online test portal is automatically created at

After customization with your logo and colors, you have to select one of the paid plans, but customization itself is free as EzExam is primarily a free online exam portal.

We at EzExam believe that Examination Systems should be a free commodity and that cost should not be a hindrance to high quality learning tools in a fast growing and developing country like India.

We want to become the most widely used Examination Platform in India and do our tiny bit in enabling institutes to provide better testing and learning via our tools while being free to use.

So EzExam will always be free for the Institutes and Students and most importantly, without any limits on the number of Students and the Exams they could take.

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We take data privacy very seriously and rest assured, your data, be it your content or student data, is not shared in any manner by EzExam.
Institute or Student data is not monetized by us and it is not part of our business model.

Your data is yours and only you have access to it, no one else can view it in whole or parts.
We even sign NDAs (Non-Disclosure Agreements) with Institutes or Organizations if they so choose.

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Compared to other online exam portals, EzExam offers many features which are free of cost and if you’re looking for the overall best online exam portal, EzExam is definitely worth trying out. EzExam is the best online exam portal because creating online exams, conducting them for an unlimited number of students and getting analytics is completely free of cost and you also get the online test portal free.

EzExam portal can be used for any type of online exams, and it can also act as a competitive exam online portal, for exams ranging from high school to postgraduate level which makes it a very versatile and the best online exam portal available for free.

Yes when you signup, you get an online test portal free, which can be accessed from any device -- laptops, tablets & smartphones

EzExam provides a free online exam portal which allows you to create online exams, add question papers, create Student accounts and send notifications to students. You can conduct online exams from your question papers by assigning them to students. Online Exams can also be open, where exams are shared via a link and anyone with the link can signup on your portal and take the online exam. The online portal is a web-app which can be accessed from any device including Desktops, Laptops, Smartphones & Tablets. For taking online exams on mobiles, a free Android app, EzExam, is available to download from the PlayStore to easily take exams. After the online exam time is closed, exam analytics can be generated which creates detailed 4 page analytics and is available to the students to see Overall Performance Trends, Centre level Ranks, Subject & Topic scores & analytics and Time, Question-wise analytics. All these give your students a competitive edge by improving their learning.

EzExam is free to use, without any limits. Payment options are available only when you want customization, else it’s completely free. You get your own online exam portal with your own custom name. There is support for a wide range of question types, from single correct MCQ to numerical questions and even subjective type questions are supported. The system is robust and can handle any amount of students writing exams concurrently, because it’s hosted on advanced cloud technology. EzExam works on all internet enabled devices, and allows cross-platform compatibility, meaning, you can start an Exam on your Desktop and resume it from your Smartphone and submit it. Excellent support is provided via chat and in the form of many Help Videos and Tutorials. Organizations in the paid model can also get phone support.

EzExam allows you to create your own online portal to conduct exams, free of charge. So you can get a portal like for free. Beyond this, you can customize your portal with your own colors and logo to make it really look yours. Apart from portal customization, EzExam provides an extensive range of support for various online exams, ranging from simple MCQ to even subjective type questions. EzExam is also very easy to use for Admins, and all questions don’t need to be retyped into an Excel like other systems. Instead, the process is simplified by using a PDF file of your questions, along with a Key file.

EzExam provides a free to use online exam portal. You need to choose a paid plan only when customization is done to your platform with your colors and logos. There are two paid plans which will be described in more detail below. One is a Fixed Plan and the other is a Usage-based Plan. In short, the Fixed Plan is better for those with a fixed number of students and regular usage. The Usage-based plan is for people conducting one-time or infrequent exams with a variable number of students.

If you are an Organization with a fixed number of students and conducting regular exams, then the Fixed Plan is suitable for you. The costs in the Fixed Plan are directly related to the number of student accounts created. There is no limit on the usage for these added students, they can take any number of exams. A typical organization using the fixed plan would be educational institutes which handle a fixed number of students in a given academic year. Half-yearly, Quarterly and monthly payment options are available, with heavy discounts if paid half-yearly or quarterly. The pricing will include all features - exams, analytics, student accounts and support.

If your Organization is unsure of the number of students/test-takers who would be using the platform, or if the frequency of exams is not regular, then the Usage-based Plan is suitable for you. The prices in the Fixed Plan are directly related to the number of Online Exam Attempts taken, hereafter referred to as Attempts. One student, taking one online exam is counted as one Attempt. In the Usage-based plan you only purchase Attempts in bulk as per your requirement just before exams are conducted. There are options to purchase 500, 1000 or 5000 attempts. Per-Attempt cost is much lower when purchased on bulk. 10,000 or 20,000 Attempts can also be purchased, contact for that to get a hefty discount.

These Attempts do not expire and can be used within a week or a year and students will be able to take Exams as long as attempts are available. When you purchase Attempts, you don’t pay for anything else, it includes all features of EzExam. This pricing model is typically used by Recruitment centres which conduct exams for an unknown number of students/test-takers. One again, everything else is included in the cost when you purchase Attempts.

Yes this can be done, but it will require some time and there will be an annual cost associated with running our system on your own domain. There are also some criteria that need to be met for this to be feasible.

If your domain just hosts a static website, you will have to either transfer control of that domain with a static page or your system administrator has to configure the domain as per our suggestions. Another requirement is that an SSL certificate needs to be present for your domain for it to be a secure site. Our system only runs on encrypted secure sites using SSL and not without.

Yes we can publish an Android app customized to your requirements, which will have all the functionality of the EzExam App but will have your logos and colors. It will appear like your own Application which increases credibility and trust for your users.

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